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HCN 6000-II
The HCN series is the most diverse family of horizontal machining centers in the world. Designed for the highest level of productivity, the HCN incorporates years of proven design in our customers' manufacturing plants and our own Mazak cyber factories where Mazak machines make Mazak machines. Whether you require small high speed or large capacity, extreme cutting or ultra accuracy, Mazak's HCN will make you more money. Contact us at msi@machsys.com or call 262.781.4850 for more information.

Flip from Vertical to Horizontal for Extreme Productivity
Convert your vertical work to horizontal with Mazak's HCN series 2-Pallet Horizontal Machining Center.  Labor is one of the biggest expenses in a machine shop.  Significantly reduce labor with more parts on the table, multiple face machining, and by eliminating setups and changeovers from the machining area.
  • At least 4x the table capacity of a 40 x 20 VMC
  • Up to 60% more spindle utilization than a VMC
  • Make more parts per hour by removing setup and changeover with the pallet changer
  • Pivoting work table allows for better chip flow
  • Multi-face machining reduces handling and progressive fixtures
  • Better accuracy, less handling
Innovative Engineering
The HCN series provides high-precision machining over extended periods of operation thanks to advanced machine design featuring extremely rigid construction and an extremely responsive drive system.  Machine accuracies are certified before shipment according to the MAZAK PRECISION STANDARD.  All machines are ISO certified; inspected according to ISO-230 standards.

HCN Inside ShotAdvanced Headstock Design
The advanced integral spindle/motor features high rigidity, large cooling capacity and high torque to provide heavy-duty as well as high speed machining performance.  

Unsurpassed Performance, Productivity and Reliability
Reduction of non-cutting time is realized thanks to high-speed, high-accuracy positioning.  By utilizing roller-guides on all axes, not only is non-cutting time reduced - high accuracy machining is ensured even at high speed feedrates.  Additionally, fast, vibration free acceleration/deceleration are realized thanks to the smooth high-gain servo motors.  For even higher efficiency, the pallet changer utilizes a roller gear cam for high speed pallet changing.

Unlimited TrainingUnlimited Training
By purchasing the HCN series machine, your company is entitled to 3 years of unlimited training in Mazatrol.  Your company can send as many different employees as needed during this time for training.  Additionally, every HCN is equipped standard with G-code (EIA/ISO) for maximum flexibility.
2 Pallet Changer
2-Pallet ChangerFor higher efficiency, the operator can setup the next workpiece during the machining of the current workpiece.  The pallet changer utilizes a roller gear cam for high speed pallet changing with a maximum load of 880 lbs (HCN 4000-II), 1,542 lbs (HCN 5000-II), 2,204 lbs (HCN 6000-II), 3,307 lbs (HCN 6800-II), 4,850 lbs (HCN 8800-II), 6,614 lbs (HCN 10800-II) and 11,023 lbs (HCN 12800-II).  The pallet in the loading/unloading station can be indexed every 90° in 4 positions to facilitate loading/unloading of workpiece and fixture setups.
Palletech Manufacturing CellPalletech Manufacturing Cell
Innovative Productivity - The system can be easily expanded after initial system installation in response to increased production requirements.  The PALLETECH is designed to effectively realize unmanned operation for the repeated machining of a small variety of workpieces.  It is available with a single level pallet stocker and the HIGH RISE 2 or 3 level pallet stocker.  This system is scheduled by part names and is designed for unmanned operation for the machining of a wide variety of workpieces in small or large lot sizes.

Programming Flexibility
The HCN series can be programmed in G-code/EIA or Mazatrol.  This ability provides greater programming flexibility to the user.  When off-line program generation is preferred, the MATRIX accepts standard G-code/EIA/ISO formats from all brands of off-line systems, such as Partmaker, Esprit, Mastercam, etc.  The HCN series also uses fiber optic cables for faster data communication which reduces cycle time.  The MAZATROL MATRIX NEXUS follows a long tradition of providing unequaled innovation for conversational programming.  The new MAZATROL CNC system, equipped with the most advanced hardware incorporating a wide variety of new features, realizes higher productivity with high speed, high accuracy machining and easier operation - more than ever before.
The HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS lineup of horizontal machining centers combines outstanding value with high-performance features, enabling manufacturers to achieve maximum performance when working with virtually any type of material. In fact, these world-class machines provide unsurpassed machining stability and ease of operation by utilizing Mazak's MATRIX NEXUS CNC controls. Furthermore, while these machines require minimal floor space, they still provide an exceptionally wide machining area for handling large workpieces. Contact us at msi@machsys.com or call 262.781.4850 for more information.

Nexus HCN II Series Standard Specifications
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* Specifications subject to change without prior notice

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