2018 Discover More with Mazak Midwest

A Technology + education event for midwest shops

Join Machinery Systems and Mazak for Discover More with Mazak™ Midwest 2018 at Mazak’s Schaumburg Technology Center. This event represents a spectacular opportunity for Midwest shops to explore the latest manufacturing technologies and techniques that can quickly elevate your shop to a higher level of productivity.

Change has arrived! US manufacturing is growing at a swift pace. According to the Association for Manufacturing Technology, overall US machine tool sales rose 8% last year over 2016. The Midwest has outpaced the nation, with Midwest growth during that same period measured at a brisk 13.2% increase over the US average growth rate. Companies of all shape and size began to aggressively invest in new technologies to better equip their businesses and capture opportunity driven by the manufacturing-friendly change. The reality is that manufacturers, both local and abroad, have invested to make more products right here in the USA. Our Midwest shops are some of the finest in the world and traditionally have sought new ways to make parts better and faster. We believe that is why the Midwest has recently experienced such high growth. 

Global growth is putting pressure on availability of equipment. “US shops are now competing for new machines from the factory with the rest of the world”, says Eric Hilliard, President of Machinery Systems. “If you’re thinking about buying a machine, and there is one available, take advantage and get your order in, because it’s very possible that it will be gone soon”. “And, the earlier you invest, the quicker you’ll realize the payback”. This year’s Discover Event is a great opportunity to see Mazak’s newest technology. See how our engineers have leveraged the hardware, software and tooling to create innovative solutions to help you become more competitive. See our learning programs designed to educate your existing and new programmers and operators.

Come see the newest Mazak Technology and Support related services. Meet with our sales and engineering professionals to discuss ideas on improving machining operations to increase throughput. Make a plan and get your new Mazak technology on order so you can start leveraging the new technology to win more orders and increase your profitability.

“Now is the time! Today’s positive business climate, low tax rates and favorable depreciation schedules make now the perfect time to invest in your business”

Mike Cekanor, CEO of Machinery Systems